Dodge WC-54 Ambulance, type II

The Dodge WC-54 Ambulance, type II

The Dodge WC-54 Ambulance, type II

This kit depicts the 2nd type of “WC54” which was used from october 1943 up to and including the war in Korea

This little kit is a gem of a model on its own and/or would be a perfect addition to any collection of the upcoming range of 1/48th scale armour kits. It makes a great gift for the avid ambulance collector or a valuable gift to WWII veterans to commemorate the brave work they have done. Of course it will also be most suitable to be included in a military armour or aviation diorama as well. It will look stunning in combination with the small Jeep or a CCKW for instance or imagine its impact in a diorama beside a B-24, B-17 or C-47.

This multi media kit consists of 30 highly detailed resin parts, 19 white metal parts and a sheet of very thin and accurate decals. It features acetate windows and pre-cut frisket film masks for the windows as well as 31 photo etched brass parts; designed by Peolini Design and etched by ABER.

The Dodge WC-54 Ambulance, type II

The drivers compartment has an etched steering wheel and comes with separate etched levers and pedals. The ambulance has a complete suspension with separate drive shafts, front and rear axles, tie rod and leaf springs for every wheel. With diorama builders and superior detail in mind the pioneering tools are cast separately and the rear step can be attached in both up or down position.

This kit comes with easy to understand and illustrated instructions in English.
Download the instructions as a PDFile (1.47 Mb)
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  • Model: PDM008
  • Price: € 54,50 (incl. postage, handling and shipping world wide)

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